Frequently Asked Questions

Read more information about the Rally for Restaurants initiative and how to get involved.

General Questions

What is Rally for Restaurants?

Rally for Restaurants is a grassroots initiative designed to bring people and organizations together to support the restaurant community during the COVID-19 health crisis. See the about page for more info.

How can I, or my company/organization, get involved in the rally?

We’re actively expanding our efforts to give back to the restaurant community through new funding methods, partnerships, content, and features on this site. There are many ways you could get involved. Here are a few ideas:

  • Join the rally as a contributing partner

  • Help us build the list of restaurants on the directory

  • Contribute to content that helps restaurants through this crisis

  • Help us grow this website or give to funds that support restaurants

Reach out to if you’re interested in becoming a contributing partner.

Can I donate to Rally for Restaurants?

We’re not accepting donations directly. Instead, we encourage you to purchase gift cards at your favorite restaurants to provide the funds directly to them. If you’re interested in becoming a contributing partner, reach out to

How are the organizers contributing to this rally?

The contributing partners behind Rally for Restaurants are giving $1 (up to $250,000) to for every gift card purchase that’s shared on social. We’re asking potential partners to give the same amount. To be eligible, social media posts must use the hashtag #RallyforRestaurants and tag (@mention) the restaurant whose gift card was purchased. Toast will match up to 20 eligible social shares per person. is the philanthropic arm of Toast, Inc. and directs funds to charitable organizations working on issues around food production, community, and environmental impacts.

Does Rally for Restaurants charge a fee to list a restaurant?

There is no fee involved in adding your restaurant to the directory.

How else can I support the rally?

Show your support for the restaurant industry by purchasing branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel in the Rally for Restaurants online store. All proceeds from the sale of Rally for Restaurant items will be donated to organizations supporting the community through


How do I buy a gift card to support a restaurant I love?

Buy a gift card (or five, or 50, or 100, or as many as you can afford) here.

What happens if I buy a gift card from a restaurant that’s permanently closed?

With government and social responses changing at a rapid pace, many restaurant owners are being faced with the decision to close permanently. While this is the time they need our support the most, Toast cannot guarantee that restaurants will reopen or refund gift cards if they are forced to close. We strongly encourage consumers to carefully review each restaurant's terms and conditions before purchasing, and to learn more about their rights under their card issuer’s cardholder agreement and through state consumer protection agencies.

How do I submit a restaurant that’s not listed in the directory?

You can submit a restaurant to be added to the directory here.

How can I find more information about the Rally for Restaurants Challenge?

Read for official rules of the Rally for Restaurants Challenge here.

How can I share the Rally for Restaurants initiative with my friends?

The restaurant industry is under threat. It’s up to us to come together as a community to provide support for the hard-working owners, operators, farmers, delivery drivers, and staff who keep this industry going. Rally for Restaurants will make a difference if every guest in every city around America gets involved. We encourage you to share this website with as many friends, family members, and restaurants as you can.

Can I submit a restaurant outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to add restaurants outside of the United States at this time.


I’ve temporarily closed as a result of COVID-19. Can I still accept gift card purchases?

It’s up to you if you’d like to continue allowing guests to purchase gift cards from you while you’re closed. Many restaurants are using gift card purchases as a continued form of support while they’re closed.

I’ve permanently closed as a result of COVID-19. Can I still accept gift card purchases?

Restaurants that do not intend to reopen should not accept gift cards. Toast does not encourage restaurants to accept gift cards unless they plan to honor those cards upon reopening. If you’re planning to permanently close, certain state-specific laws may apply.

Why is my restaurant listed in the Rally for Restaurants Directory?

Rally for Restaurants was created to support the restaurant community through the COVID-19 health crisis, and we care about each restaurant’s success. Toast has included restaurants who use Toast gift card services, as well as restaurants who aren’t our customers who want to be listed here so that guests can support them during this time. We also allow individuals to add restaurants they love using publicly available information. If your restaurant information was provided by our Submit a Restaurant form, your listing will be marked accordingly as GUEST SUBMITTED.

How can I remove my restaurant from the Rally for Restaurants directory?

Rally for Restaurants was created to support the restaurant community through the COVID-19 health crisis, and we care about each restaurant’s success. We allow individuals to add restaurants they love using publicly available information. If you prefer to not be listed on the Rally for Restaurants directory, you can submit to remove your restaurant here. We’ll remove you from the directory within 48 hours.

What terms and conditions govern my participation in Rally for Restaurants?

If you submitted your own restaurant to be featured on Rally for Restaurants, you agreed to the following terms and conditions:
By providing the above information about your restaurant, you represent that you are authorized to act on behalf of the restaurant. You hereby give Toast permission to use your restaurant information and branding for any reason related to the Rally for Restaurants program ("Program"), and to use the contact information provided to contact you regarding this Program as well as for future marketing purposes. Any information you provide will be subject to Toast’s Privacy Statement. You acknowledge that you are responsible for providing and processing the gift cards and associated services, as well as any relevant terms and conditions, to customers who purchase gift cards from you. Toast retains the right to remove your restaurant information and/or refuse to list your information if we, in our sole discretion, determine that you are not eligible for inclusion in this Program.


How does Toast handle processing fees for customers using Toast Gift Cards?

For Toast Gift Card customers, the vast majority of all gift card sales go directly to the restaurant. Typically, a small credit card processing fee goes to credit card processors, card networks, banks, and payment facilitators like Toast. As the payments facilitator, a small percentage of that fee is retained by Toast. Our entire focus is on the health of our customer community, so we plan to donate proceeds from the sale of Toast Gift Cards on Rally for Restaurants to charities supporting the restaurant community through We’ve also waived millions of dollars in software fees for our community by eliminating one month of software for every customer and offering our digital ordering, gift card, and marketing products for three months free. You can read about it here.

In addition, as part of Rally for Restaurants, Toast committed to donate up to $250,000 to organizations supporting the restaurant industry, employees, and those impacted by COVID-19 through - the donor recipients are Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation and World Central Kitchen.

If you’re a Toast customer, please see the customer FAQs here.


Can I speak with the organizers of Rally for Restaurants?

Please reach out to for all press inquiries.